Month: November 2013


Published / by Kathleen Scott Goldingay


In a previous blog on May 21, 2008 I posted  the following list as “Threats to Our Species”:

In light of comments I am re-posting the list. It is not so much that a nuclear emergency might occur that is the threat, but that we have failed to form as a global community to apply ourselves to these threats in a meaningful cooperative way. (Chernobyl’s solution was temporary, because they assumed we would develop a permanent solution by now. We haven’t and it isn’t a priority on the global agenda.)


1) Lack of ability to respond to a nuclear emergency
2) Microbes
3) Inability to heal from emotional trauma
4) Addictions including consumerism
5) Prejudice
6) Failure to nurture and educate our young
7) Lack of wisdom to discern the truth