How I decided to support the nuclear industry:

1)     I started in fear: What is the biggest threat to humanity right now? A big nuclear accident we can’t clean up because a) we can’t cooperate on a global level b) we’ve choked the nuclear industry to the point there aren’t enough skilled workers, robots, or engineers to battle the situation c) we are so malicious that the industry can’t operate transparently

2)     I got educated: Worldwide we subsidize fossil fuels $500billion per year. We aren’t taking care of research to secure Chernobyl permanently. There are 435 nuclear plants operating worldwide (only 7% are in the USA), 71 are under construction (mostly in China). It could cost $3Billion to shutter San Onofre – and it’s unclear who will pay. Without power the poor will have a hard time thriving. According to the WHO 7 million people died from air pollution in 2012. Nuclear plants are essential to our carbon reduction goals. All our power systems (including our grids) are dangerously aging. Our security, health, and economy depend on reliable power. There is more to be discovered- an example is nuclear fusion- a minimal waste process. Toxic waste already exists and it’s not going to just “go away”- we need to persist until we can clean it up.  I am still learning.

3)     I ended up excited: We are converting nuclear warheads into power instead of just burying them! We can research ways to convert our nuclear waste into clean energy! Nuclear power is reliable- it doesn’t shut down just when you need it in the extreme heat or cold! Rivers can be saved from new destructive dams!