A Paradigm for the Interpretation of Sacred Space: Included in “Conversations at The Edges of Things: Reflections for the Church in Honor of John Goldingay” edited by Francis Bridger and James T. Butler. (available on Amazon)

The Sting in the Psalms, Part I. Kathleen Scott Goldingay with John Goldingay. From the Abstract: “In this paper we take up two overlapping aspects of the way in which the toughness of the Psalms can fulfill a constructive function. The first part (chiefly the work of Kathleen Scott Goldingay) looks as the way their poetic nature can have an ethical affect on the person who uses them.” Included in: Theology, Robin Gill, ed. Nov-Dec 2014, Vol 117 No. 6, p. 403-410.

Song of Songs: Lady Wisdom’s Riddle Concerning Solomon and His Foreign Wives. Abstract: There are many mysteries about the obscure language of the Song of Songs. An interpretation of the Song as Lady Wisdom’s polemic against Solomon in the form of a riddle resolves some of the mysteries and more closely associates the Song with wisdom literature. In its interpretive approach, this analysis of the Song considers poetic devices, wisdom in ancient Israel, and the myth of Solomon. The analytical approach then suggests four themes that appear in the Song and support the thesis stated in the title of this study: the intoxication of love displacing worship, relationships with women as a military tool for peace, taking the dangerous path of the foreign woman, and substitution of women for the land of Israel. This paper was presented to the Wisdom Section of the 2014 Society of Biblical Literature International Conference in Vienna.